Niugini Organic

An outer packaging for soaps, a simple job, but decisive for us as a design studio. Not just because it was our first job, but because it demonstrates what we stand for: simple, original, sustainable packaging design suitable for the mass market.

  • Packaging journey
  • Design concept
  • Prototyping
  • Preparation of samples
  • Packaging design 2D/3D/360°

The soap is produced in New Guinea, and the employees have a stake in the company. This social impact story goes straight onto the outer packaging. We manage without the previous shrink wrap and rely on sustainable recycling paper, a coconut fiber tape, produced on site serves as a closure. The design is suitable for robots which is relevant for having a listing with Amazon. But above all, the packaging is successful: The repeat buyer rates almost doubled the first year after the changeover – identification with the social project has increased.

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