Fresh herbs in a pot, but wrapped in plastic. To fix this contradiction, we developed a new container for Bördegarten – one of the largest vegetable producers in Germany:
The herb carrier!

  • Packaging journey 
  • Design strategy and concept
  • Prototyping
  • Small series usage / logistics test
  • Production strategy
  • Sustainability argumentation
  • Marketing material
  • Securing of patent rights

Supporting the sustainability efforts of food producers and retailers, the new packaging fits seamlessly into the existing production and logistics processes: The herb carrier is in control of the waste paper cycle from 100% FSC cardboard or grass paper.

The handle ensures better grip and minimizes food waste. The appearance is eye-catching, the communication space gained opens up completely new design options for retailers. Ulrich Wagner, Managing Director of Bördegarten, concluded: „It started with a soft briefing, it ended up being a marketable product.“

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