Root to Fruit

The premium spirits market is growing, driven by increased awareness of ingredients, provenance and manufacturing processes. These three building blocks – ingredient, origin, process – repeatedly generate emotional connection points for many major brands and are fuel for authentic storytelling. The bar is more than just a sales channel. It is the stage on which it is important to position oneself and to deliver on the brand promise. The bar thrives on good stories and encounters. Spirit brands help to shape and form these. In other words, you have to do both – brand and bar. Only then will you be successful.

Stephan Hinz always takes these considerations into account when developing a new spirit. The bartender, liquid developer, and owner of the Little Link bar has now developed an idea with Root to Fruit that is the basis for an entire spirits collection: that of the Botanical Spirit – a cross-spirit quality standard that only allows the use of natural ingredients. This standard is established with the help of several products in different spirit categories. The goal: to be the starting point for many new, contemporary mixed drinks and to stage the bar as an exciting place where new things are created. In other words, to bring the classics of tomorrow to the bar.

In order for the design to reflect this idea, a design bracket was developed for the product range that is recognizable across the individual spirits but leaves the products enough freedom to stand on their own in terms of content and occasion. The use of a uniform iconic bottle and an elaborate printing process conveys a sense of quality and value. The detailed, thematically always unique presentation of the ingredients in their own design language conveys the respective story of the drink – its raw materials, origin, as well as the working and process technology, each of which opens up a new world of taste.

The individual brands Kalyx, Camela and Ricordino have each won numerous awards for their beverages and design.

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