Many anti-acne treatments weaken the skin. Sencyr takes a different approach: the first probiotic skin care that restores the natural microbiome through live bacteria. But: for a life without acne, the application has to be regular, not selective.

  • Packaging Journey
  • Designkonzept
  • Prototyping
  • Erstellung von Handmustern
  • Packaging Design 3D/360°

Anti-acne treatment as a positive, symbolic ritual. For this purpose, we have designed the sustainable outer packaging of the basic regimen as an aesthetic jewelry box, which presents the first 30 vials of the regimen as well as the care wipes: The opened packaging is a small altar, claiming it’s rightful place in the bathroom. Aesthetics, luxury, wellbeing and sustainability – the usage and presence of the package itself is an expression of self-worth and self-love.

The first small series, which was set up as a marketing test, was sold out in a very short time. The investment by Beiersdorf and Johnson & Johnson expanded the startup behind it, S-Biomedic.

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