YALE is a global brand in the lock and security industry. In 2020, the Swedish company rebranded and repositioned itself to unify its global market presence. The new brand mission was to be summed up at the POS.

  • Development of global specifications
  • Packaging journey / design insights
  • Research: brand protection
  • Design strategy and design concept
  • Prototyping  / creating samples
  • Development of blister alternatives
  • Packaging design 2D / 3D / 360°
  • Design manual und supervision

Our idea: The softly rounded, warm rectangle in the center of the packaging stands for the home and the end benefit “peace of mind”. The white and therefore invisible protection zone around this field symbolizes the functional brand performance “protection for the home”. The brand itself takes on the role of a “guardian” on the packaging.

The uniform, cross-range packaging presentation clearly differentiates itself from the competition and brings YALE closer to technology and consumer electronics brands. The result: The entire YALE brand relaunch was honored twice with gold by the Transform Award.

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