Driven by design. Focused on impact. Sustainability in mind.


Wir recherchieren und forschen

In Expertengesprächen, am Rechner, am POS, auf der Straße oder bei den Menschen zuhause. Damit wir ein Gefühl für die Aufgabe bekommen und verstehen, was wir tun.

  • Store checks & shop-alongs
  • Market & trend analysis
  • Packaging & customer journeys
  • Brand analysis
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Consumer & shopper insights
  • Packaging research
  • Material- & technology research
  • Design Trends & semiotic analysis


We analyze and develop

In discourses, workshops and records, we record where we want to go and how we got there. Strategies and spectra, conceptual routes and visual positioning.

  • Strategy workshops
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Design strategy
  • Visual positioning


We design and diagnose

In the design process we develop many ideas, routes and prototypes to discuss and test. The latter hands-on, in which we stock shelves and shops and watch shoppers. Or more elaborate with the use of market research and tailor-made tools.

  • Naming, branding, design concept
  • 2D / 3D / 360°
  • Final artwork
  • Design realization & adaption
  • Pretotyping
  • Prototype development
  • Production strategy
  • Engineering test
  • Design research
  • Market research
  • Marketing test


We implement and transpose

We monitor the production and the market launch. As partners. With the use of manuals and supervision in order to create a successful start-up.

  • Manuals & supervision
  • Project management
  • Bidding & accounting
  • Print management
  • Quality management
  • Production monitoring
  • Legal services
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