Salt & Silver

Two friends travelled around the world searching for waves, stories and recipes, and ended with opening two award winning restaurants in Hamburg. This is where the story could have ended!

At the end of 2020 they decided within a four week period to take a new step: Salt ‘n Silver is going into the grocery store, in the middle of lockdown. The first products are a Taco and a Salsa kit.


  • Semiotic analysis
  • Packaging research
  • Design strategy
  • Design concept for range / single-Unit 
  • Protoytping / samples
  • Packaging design 2D / 3D / 360° 
  • Project- und quality management
  • Legal services / LMVI conformity

The idea: We bring home the tastes of the world and the feeling of a journey – “Taste around the World”. We use the rich world of brands – tattoos, symbols, cards, fonts – freestyle on the shelf, loud and distinctive.

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