Globe Soap

In Germany, 2,075 million plastic bottles are used annually for liquid soaps and shampoo bottles – rubbish spread out on 39,524 soccer fields. Our goal: to reduce the use of materials as much as possible and to do without plastic.

In order to achieve this goal, we have rethought its use and developed GLOBE SOAP – a soap cover for shampoos and conditioners.

Based on a compostable film, we use water-based printing inks for printing and a wooden ball as a cap and dosing aid. The reduced design underlines the future-oriented positioning.

The result: 30% less material and garden compostable. Admittedly: This concept is moonshot thinking. But this is necessary to achieve visionary goals.
It is not only us who saw it that way: The concept is a finalist in the Sustainability Award 2019. Further development will be  funded by the European Union.


  • Packaging journey 
  • Design strategy and concept
  • Prototyping
  • Production strategy
  • Sustainability argumentation
  • Marketing material
  • Securing patent rights
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