Franzbrötchencrème from Tim Mälzer

Sweetening the start of the day is the core performance of every sweet spread. Not just functionally, but above all emotionally: enjoyment, experience and origin. Celebrity chef Tim Mälzer uses all three concepts in his Franzbröchencrème.

  • Semiotic analysis
  • Packaging research
  • Design strategy
  • Design concept / brand concept / trademarking
  • Protoytping / Physical samples
  • Packaging Design 2D / 3D / 360° 
  • Project and quality management
  • Legal Services / LMVI-adherence

The sweet creamy spread is made of cinnamon, sugar and caramel. The brand is richly designed with images: The local “Franzbrötchen” and the enjoyment of Hamburg give the brand origin.
The seagull FRANZ as the brand animal is not so much a children’s figure as a comic figure – a character in its own right, cheeky and brazen, a little bit crazy – lovable, despite all that. The psychological enjoyment is the weekend breakfast – an occasion where the family comes together to experience a good time.

Launched in 2021, the e-commerce sales are very promising and customer feedback on the product and design is overwhelming. Always sold out in Tim Mälzer’s online store after a short time, the plan now is to bring the product firmly into grocery stores in 2022.

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