Common methods of saving material are to reduce the material thickness and to optimize the geometries. These improvements are effective, but not very innovative. That’s why we rethought and developed bioniPAC.

bioniPAC is a new, patented packaging principle for packaging made from ultra-thin, flexible films. The foils are sealed together in such a way that sections result in a defined core system that is filled with air in order to generate maximum stability with minimal use of material. The result is a lightweight construction based on bionic principles. This method has been nominated for the Green Concept Award in 2021.

  • Packaging journey 
  • Design strategy and concept
  • Prototyping
  • Production strategy
  • Sustainability argumentation 
  • Marketing material
  • Securing patent rights 

The container shapes shown here are ideal for liquid food of all kinds. A wide variety of closure mechanisms such as pull-tabs or mouthpieces allow problem-free use. This principle can be transferred to an infinite number of other types of containers for consumer goods, e.g. meat and fruit, vegetable bowls, yogurt cups, pouch bags, Tetra Paks, bottles, spray bottles.

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