Packaging Design Studio.
Packaging Design Studio.
Packaging Design Studio.
Packaging Design Studio.

Hi. We are Popular Packaging.

We stand for strategic packaging design that matches the zeitgeist in order to reach the sustainable Mainstream of the future. Solutions that create a market and therefore a brand.

Assertive and relevant – in life and at the POS.

Our playing fields


Many anti-acne treatments weaken the skin. Sencyr takes a different approach: the first probiotic skin care that restores the natural (…)


The premium spirits market is growing, driven by increased awareness of ingredients, provenance and manufacturing processes. These three building blocks (…)

Root to Fruit

Sweetening the start of the day is the core performance of every sweet spread. Not just functionally, but above all (…)

Franzbrötchencrème from Tim Mälzer

In Germany, 2,075 million plastic bottles are produced annually for liquid soaps and shampoo bottles – trash, spread out on (…)

Globe Soap

YALE is a global brand in the lock and security industry. In 2020, the Swedish company rebranded and repositioned itself (…)


Private labels are an effective tool for customer loyalty, price differentiation and strategic market positioning. EDEKA documents diversity and topicality (…)


Fresh herbs in a pot, but wrapped in plastic. To fix this contradiction, we developed a new container for Bördegarten (…)


Common methods of saving material are to reduce the material thickness and to optimize geometries. These improvements are effective, but (…)


Two friends travelled around the world searching for waves, stories and recipes, and ended with opening two award winning restaurants (…)

Salt & Silver

An outer packaging for soaps, a simple job, but decisive for us as a design studio. Not just because it (…)

Niugini Organic

JoyBräu is the world’s first protein beer. However, the young food tech startup positioned itself in a niche: a non-alcoholic (…)


We create the market and therefore the brand.

Whether a single product or a cross-category range of brands: We think ahead of the market in order to develop brand and mainstream-compatible designs.

Simple yet original. Intuitive and distinctive. As that’s the only way it works in today’s brick-and-mortar retail and online shops. Always as sustainable as possible, because sustainability is not a statement of the time, but of the future.


Based on strategy. Driven by creativity. Focused on sustainability. Keeping up with the market.

To find out what packaging design we use to set an example for your brand at the POS, we work iteratively and test assumptions, ideas and designs. This is how we arrive at a sustainable result and measurable success.


Together with machine and sustainability experts, we founded an independent, evidence and design-driven packaging consultancy and development company in 2020. Together we develop solutions that shape the future: Sustainable. Smart. Suitable for the mass market.

Few are as familiar with packaging materials, technologies and systems or standards and regulations as we are. This helps us to find completely new materials, procedures, processes, techniques and designs for your brand or to develop them together with you.


Does the packaging and packaging design tell the right story?

What materials and surfaces create added value and influence preferences?

How can sustainability be mapped in the brand and packaging strategy?

What trends are relevant in the market and how can they be found in design?

What criteria should you use to decide on a design?

How can market research and marketing tests support the design process?

What motives shape the market? Are there latent needs and how do you address them?

What role does packaging play in the consumer journey?

What role does packaging play in consumers’ everyday lives?

In which market should the product be positioned?

What effect does the brand and product positioning have on the packaging design?

Can new standards be set with packaging?

What codes control volume and which added value?

How do you manage to create both a brand and a category?

What codes provide orientation in the relevant set and in the branded range?

How does a product stand out on the shelves and attract attention?

How do you convey security and a positive feelings through the packaging?

How do you inspire customers to interact with the product further?

How do you achieve relevant differentiation and distinction in competition?

How do you achieve visibility and recognition on the shelves?

How can you ensure that the packaging meets brand goals?

How can the packaging provide a functional or emotional benefit?

What design trends are shaping the market and which are relevant for my brand?

What message does the packaging convey to your customer?

Is the packaging fit for the future?

How do you enrich the brand image with the packaging design?

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